Beirut – A Candles Fire chords

I believe you have to tune the guitar in Eb.. I'm not too sure, try to play along with 
the song!

Intro: C, D, G, C

      C                       D        G                      
COh, light a candle's fire, it carries our good name
C DWhat would you ask a campfire?
G CIt scares me just the same
C DAnd you, you've had it all along
G CAn endless need for games
CJust don't forget, a candle's fire is only just a flame
C, D, G, C (same as the first verse) I hit certain from afar, failed to pull my weight But you were light, we traveled through the fall To arrive at our front gate Tonight, we rest beside the fire A smile upon your face Just don't forget, a candle's fire is only just a flame then the verse ends on C, it keeps it going for a while, then G.. and then the kick-ass epic brasses part should be something like this:
Am D G C If I had known, that to carry on that way
Am D G C It wouldn't show in the creases on your face
Am D G C If you should go, would you carry on my name?
Am D G
C Just let it blow, and the blah blah blah blah blaaah(what does he say??)
then Am, D, G, C till the end (note: if the second part doesn't sound right to your ear, play C chords instead of Am chords) I hope you'll find this useful! -Brian
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