Beirut – The Rip Tide chords ver. 2

The other version is musically correct but it's far easier to tune the guitar half 
a step down and play the following chords.
(Use an online tuner with your microphone if you are struggling.)
You will find this tuning useful for lots of songs on the album. 
Play the whole progression of chords with an even timing, use the track to help. 
This version should be easier and still play along with the CD perfectly. 
I've lined the chord changes up with the lyrics as best I can to give you an idea.

D# G# C# F# A# D#

Em  F  G  C  F  G  Em  F

Em F G C And this is the house where I, I feel alone, feel alone now
F G Em F And this is the house where I, can be uknown, be alone now
Em F G C So, the waves and I, Found the rolling tide
F G Em F So, the waves and I, found the rip tide
First ever tab, I hope I've been helpful.
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