Bels Boys – Todays The Day tab


                                         This is my first tab so go easy
                                         on me im a bit unsure about the
                                          chorus so if its wrong try to 
                                         work it out,but im 99% sure the
                                         verse is right so heres my tab

The struming is just like da da da da da da da ok....

intro: A   Am


          A                 Am                                    A
    todays the day for a little ride in the country side lets go now
    A                       Am                                       A
     blue skys and sunshine for anyone and everyone we'll show them how
    A                        Am
    todays the day for a litter bug and chillen out and busy doin nothing 
    all day long
    E                 A                             E
    but now your smiling dont ever let that feeling go

     E         A                G            A
    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na todays the day x2

                                                          \\ //
thanks hope ya like my tab remember its my first          (-_-)
sorry if its not good enough well im only 10 yrs old
ive been playing for a year and i can do the bon
jovi solo  ........ lol        see ya
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