Ben Harper – Forgiven tab

   RELEASE DATE: It WILL be released on the 21st of sept. '99 

   Transcribed by Jai Mitchell. Please send comments complaints 
   and corrections to me at ( 
   OR ( 

   Please note: This is my first attempt at writing tab on my computer 
   and I haven't heard the song enough yet to be sure 
   of anything so I will gladly take any corrections and 
   advice! Thank you.. 
   P.S. the / means slide up or down (im not sure what it 
   usually is!) 

Riff #1 (play once for each of the first three lines of each verse) e|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------| D|---2h4----2----4----4/6---6--6--6/7---6p4--6p4/2--2--2------| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff #2 (play every 4th line and once more before chorus)
D A E e|------------------2-2------0-0------0-0--| B|------------------3-3------2-2------0-0--| G|------------------2-2------2-2------1-1--| D|---2h4b^--4p2p0---0-0------2-2------2-2--| A|---------------------------0-0------2-2--| E|------------------------------------0-0--| *the ^ above represents a quick slight bend
CHORUS shall be... shall be.... shall be...... E D C#? e|-----------------0-0-------------------2-2----------------------- B|.----------------0-0-------------------3-3----------------------- G|-----------------1-1-------------------2-2----------------------- D|.-2h4b^--4p2p0-2-2-2----2h4b^--4p2p0-0-0-0----2h4b^--4p2p0---6-6- cont'd A|-----------------2-2---------------------------------------4-4-4- E|-----------------0-0---------------------------------------------
...Forgiven.... C? --------------------------| -------------------------.| --------------------------| ----2h4b^--4p2p0---5-5---.| -----------------3-3-3----| --------------------------|
SOLO BACKING (my attempt at the rythym section during the solo) e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| D|--0h2-2--0h2-2--0h2-2--0h2-2-----|--0h2-2--0h2-2--0h2-2--0h2-2-----| A|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E|-----------------------------0-0-|-----------------------------0-0-|
e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| A|--2h3-3--2h3-3--2h3-3--2h3-3-----|--3h5-5--3h5-5--3h5-5--3h5-5-----| E|-----------------------------0-0-|-----------------------------0-0-|
LYRICS: Verse 1 I will wait like nothing I have ever waited for I will catch your tears from falling Until from my hands they fall Verse 2 You can leave me abandoned Like the year if you are begging (not sure of this line) Like the rest I have been branded Far beneath the skin So far beneath the skin Chorus You shall be... You shall be.... You shall be..... Forgiven.... You shall be... You shall be.... You shall be..... Forgiven.... Verse 3 Here I have been waiting While the time has come and gone I tried singing to you But you turned my words to stone Verse 4 Here I have been waiting It seems for quite a while Changed on my reflections But inside I'm still just a child But inside I'm still just a child CHORUS SLIDE GUITAR SOLO W/WAH WAH Verse 5 These eyes weren't made for crying This love wasn't made to waste These arms weren't made for battle But to share your warm embrace But to share in your embrace CHORUS x 2 -I dont know if that is exactly were it ends but it was cut off at that point on th radio and I transcribed this from the tape of the radio show. -Jai Mitchell (Self Proclaimed to be arguably the biggest Ben Harper fan on earth) PROVE ME WRONG!!!!
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