Ben Harper - Shes Only Happy In The Sun tab

Song: She's Only Happy in the Sun, By: Ben Harper

Tabbed by: Jan Thygesen

CHORDS: (standard tuning)

D Em7 G A D7 Bm C C/B E|-2---3---3---0---2---2---0---0----|B|-3---3---0---2---1---3---1---1----|G|-2---0---0---2---2---4---0---0----|D|-0---2---0---2---0---4---2---0----|A|-----2---2---0-------2---3---2----|E|-----0---3------------------------|
I learned this song in honour of my best friend... She wanted me to sing it as a lullaby... anyway, a very beautiful song. VERSE 1 D Em7 I know you may not want to see me G A D On your way down from the clouds Em7 Would you hear me if I told you G A D D7 That my heart is with you now CHORUS G A Bm She's only happy in the sun G A C C/B (single stroke) G She's only happy in the sun Additional lyrics: (chord patterns are the same throughout the song) VERSE 2 Did you find what you were after? The pain and the laughter brought you to your knees But if the sun sets you free, sets you free You'll be free indeed CHORUS VERSE 3 Every time I hear you laughing, hear you laughing, It makes me cry Like the story of life, of your life Is hello, goodbye CHORUS X 2 have fun, enjoy
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