Ben Harper – Diamonds On The Inside tab

I’ve had a look on ultimate guitar, and I took the liberty of splicing together all the
on UG to make a supertab. Now, im not sure how this sounds, because as I write this
my guitar is locked in my next-door neighbours house. I hope it sounds fine, and I hope 
is easier than picking and choosing between 5 different tabs. Cheers,

Diamonds on the inside
By Ben Harper


E ---------------------------|B ---------------------------|G --0------------------------|D ----2-0--------------------|A --------2-0----------------|E ------------3-0-3----------|
Verse 1 G I new a girl Am Her name was truth Bm Am G G She was a horrible lair G Am She couldn’t spend one day alone Bm Am G G But she couldn’t be satisfied G Am When you have everything Bm Am G G You have everything to lose G Am She made herself a bed of nails Bm Am G G And she’s planning on putting it to use Chorus (Below is the riff for the C chord )
E --0-------------------------------|B --1-------------------------------|G --0---------0/2/0----0------------|D --2----0/2---------2--------------|A --3-------------------------------|E ----------------------------------|
F C G But she had diamonds on the inside F C G She had diamonds on the inside F C G She had diamonds on the inside F C G Diamonds Verse 2 (1:15 2:03) G Am A candle throws its light into the darkness Bm Am G G In a nasty world so shines a good deed G Am Make sure the fortune that you seek Bm Am G G Is the fortune that you need G Am Tell me why the first to ask Bm Am G G Is the last to give every time G Am What you say and do not mean Bm Am G G Follows you close behind Chorus F C G She had diamonds on the inside F C G She had diamonds on the inside F C G She wore diamonds on the inside F C G F C G Diamonds diamonds Solo
E|-----------------------|B|9--- 9-----------------|G|8h10-8---8-------------|D|--------8h10-p8--6-----|A|------------------6----|E|-----------------------|
E|--------------------|------------------------|B|(11)b13°-9----------|------------------------|G|-----------10-10----|8h10-8------------------|D|--------------------|------ 10\8-6-8p6------|A|--------------------|--------------------8\--|E|--------------------|------------------------|
Verse 3 G Am Like the soldier long standing under fire Bm Am G G Any change comes as a relief G Am Let the givers name remain unspoken Bm Am G G She is just a generous thief Chorus F C G She had diamonds on the inside F C G She had diamonds on the inside F C G She wore diamonds on the inside F C G She wore diamonds F C G Oh diamonds F C G She had diamonds F C G She wore diamonds F C G Diamonds
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