Ben Harper – Another Lonely Day chords

By Summernightbrand Record Sales Office
(Original version: Ben Harper & the innocent criminals)
Played with open chords: 1090 x1090 870 320 | 1090 x1090 x1090 1090
1090 x1090 870 320 | x1090 1090 1090 870
Played one whole step down..(D,G,C,F,A,D) - tabbed in standard tuning
Intro and Verse: (The chords are C Am Em G)Fingerpicked--
(C) (Am) (Em) (G)e|------------------------------------------------|G|-----1--------1-------------0------------0------|B|-----0--------2-------------0------------0------|D|-------------------------2-----2-2p0------------|A|--3----3-2-0----0---0----2-----2-2p0--2-------2-|E|------------------3---3--0-----0-0----3-----3---|*When going to chorus the last note should be E(Open on the 6th string)
Chorus:(F Am G)(F) (Am) (G)e|----------------------------3-----0h3--3-|G|----1-----1-----1-----1-----3-----0h3--3-|B|----2-----2-----2-----2-----0----------0-|D|-3-----3-----2-----2-----0-----0-------0-|A|-0-----0-----0-----0-----2-----2-------2-|E|-------------------------3-----3-------3-|
Verse: Yes indeed I'm alone again and here comes emptiness crashing in it's either love or hate I can't find in between cause I've been with witches and I have been with a queen Chorus: It wouldn't have worked out any way so now it's just another lonely day further along we just may but for now it's just another lonely day Verse: Wish there was something I could say or do I can resist anything but temptation from you but I'd rather walk alone then chase you around I'd rather fall myself then let you drag me down Chorus Verse: Yesterday seems like a life ago cause the one I love today I hardly know you I held so close in my heart oh dear grow further from me with every fallen tear
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