Ben Rector – After All chords

Original song is in the key of F#. you can capo 4 and play in D, or capo 2 play in E. order is:V1.C.V2.C.B.C.
the verse chords hold for a half measure, the chorus chords hold for whole measure. I realize these arent as pretty as what he does but you can make what you like from it. Intro:Havnt got it completely down yet. verse progressions: F# B F# C#x9 twice bfore the lyrics then they come in. Took a ride, When the sun comes round Good lord, bless me well the day I put my plow to ground. And today, when the sun retires, and then I see your face, lit now by candle lights Chorus:G#m B F# C#x3 G#m G#m C# C# the leads to verse chords. All i see is just this sunny weather All i need is the one i love So lord please bless me with some time together And I won't ask anymore after all Verse2:same oreder and everything as verse 1 so i've been around the bend, past clarkville station there down by the river ends her tales from far away, that's where the stars abide Down where the angels lay the D#m C#m are half counts. the rest are whole.
Bridge:F# C# D#m C# BBx2After all after all after
It is said and done After all After all After all has come and gone Please rate. and tell me what i need to improve or what i do well.
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