Ben Rector – Loving You Is Easy chords

Loving You is Easy- Ben Rector

Capo 4

E F#min7 A BLoving you is elementary,
you see the earth in one-two-three, I passed school so consequently, it’s coming so naturally Chorus
E A So A is for all that you’ve done for me,
C#min BBeing with you’s the only place I wanna be,
Seeing you’s the only thing I wanna see, ‘Cause loving you is easy. One ‘cause you’re the only one for me, Two is you and I and I hope you agree, Three is for the words that you’re making me speak, I love you it’s so easy.
E F#min7 A BIt’s easy, it’s easy, it’s easy.
Oh loving you is easy. Verse 2
E F#min7 A BSo let’s not make this complicated,
I never made the honor roll. Overthinking’s over-rated, and it’s something that you should know (let me count the reasons why…) Chorus Bridge F#min7 G#min7 A G#min7 F#min7 G#min7 A The hardest part was finding you, but once I did,
E F#min7 A BI knew, oh I knew,
My love let me count, let count the reasons why… Chorus BY S. PITTMAN
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