Bennett Tony – Shadow Of Your Smile tab


	Gadd2  Gsus4add2       [kbd r.h. voicings: A-B-D-G, A-C-D-G]

	   Gadd2         Gsus4addA
	One day we walked along the sand
	   Gadd2  Gadd#4 Gsus4add2	[Gadd#4: G-B-C#-D]
	One day in early Spring
	C#m7       F#m7  Bm9
	You held a piper in your hand
	   Bm9       E7     Asus4  Aadd2   [Bm9: F#-A-C#-D; Aadd2: B-C#-E]
	To mend it's broken wing
	    Gm     A7+5   Dm7    Dm7/C
	Now I'll remember many a day
	    Bm7-5  E7-9-5 Am9
	And many a lonely mile
	    Am7  Cm6  Bm7     Em7  [r.h: F#-B-D]
	The echo of a piper's song
	    Am9    D9      Gsus4   Bsus4
	The shadow of your smile

Verse 1:

	The shadow of your smile
	     B13 B7-9+5     Em9     A13
	When you        are gone
	Will follow all my dreams
	    D13  D7-9+5     Gmaj9  C6/9
	And light       the dawn
	             F#m7-5  B7-9-5 B7-9     Em7   Em9/D
	Look into my eyes my love        and see
	               C#m7-5     F#13 F#7-9+5   F#m7  B13
	All the lovely things you are          to me

Verse 2:

	    Em7            F#m7
	Our wistful little star
	     B13 B7-9+5     Em9   A13#11
	Went far        too high
	                       Am7      D9 D7-9/C    Bm7-5
	A teardrop kissed your lips and so        did I
	E7-9-5 E7-9        Am7             Cm7
	       Now when I remember Spring
	F9                Bm7       F9
	All the joys that love can bring
	E13 E7-9+5      A9    Eb9-5
	      I will be remembering
	Am11/D    Am7-5/D    [G]
	The shadow of your smile


	[string tag which I haven't transcribed yet]

	[final chord sounds like a polychord: G major in the left hand,
	A major in the right, with vibes adding a high G# on top]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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