Beta Band – Life tab

The Beta Band - Life

Tabbed by Jon Hard, April 2007

First Tab, hope its ok ... sorry i dont know the proper chord names.

Awesome song, to hear the acoustic version i tabbed this from, go to and search 
the beta band:



-At the end of verse 3 - you want to only play the 4 central strings of D, and the 4 
of F - and palm muting them between strums works well.

-For the last bit, use your thumb for the notes on the low E or you've got no chance!

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Chords Used: D* D A A* G* A**---2-3^2----2---------------------5-------------------|---3--------3------2--------------5-------------------|---2--------2------2--------------6-------------------|-------------------2----7----5----7-------------------|------------------------7----5----7-------------------|------------------------5----3----5-------------------|
Verse 1: A D I went to look for shadows but the shadows they found me A D D* I went to swim the ocean but I drowned up in the sea A D I want to love my woman but she chose him over me A D I want to be somebody else I feel I won't be free A* G* Is this me for life? Bridge: A** Ahhhhh Ahhhhhh Verse 2: Chords: As verse 1 I fought to keep from crying as I lay upon the floor And everyone I knew right then pressed me to the floor I tried to keep on breathing but the people would not give And all the evil in the world the people would not give Is this me for life? Verse 3: F D And if you left it up to me they'd all go in the sea C with the guns and the disease and the industry of weasels D F Saying: sell to them the killing gem, attack to get it back
---3---3---2---2^3---3----3-----5-----5-------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------REPEAT x3-----|-0----------------------------------0---------------------|-----3---2---0--------------------------------------------|-------------------3----1-----0---------------------------|
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