Better Than Ezra – Absolutely Still chords

Verse 1 (Play the intro through the verses) This grey room, This bunker, The air is humming Us to sleep While outside, The city hurries The endless worries, Are out of reach Pre-chorus
Bm G5Promise me you'll never leave this room
Bm G5 D E7sus4A million years from now would be too soon,
D5 AThe world is spinning, turning day to night
AAnd my thoughts are running at the speed of light
G5 DGot an empty feelin' that I never want to fill
E7sus4Absolutely Still
D5I waited longer cuz I needed proof,
AThat every door I shut leaded me to you
G5 DAnd there's a nervous feelin' that I never want to kill
E7sus4Absolutely still
Verse 2 (Intro for the verses) We were running To the same noise We were stuck in The same pursuit Now the doors locked And I find that This dizzy madness Is bleedin' through Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge (Same chords as chorus)
D5I'll go anywhere you want tonight,
ACuz my head is spinning like a sattelite
G5 DI've got a restless feeling that I never fill
E7sus4I'm Absolutely Still
(Intro fade out)
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