Better Than Ezra – Daylight tab

standard tuning, from their cd Before the Robots:

C G F G Ame|-3--3--3--3--0b|-1--0--1--0--1g|-0--0--2--0--2D|-2--0--3--0--2A|-3--2-----2--0E|----3-----3---
C G F G you're a long walk, in a rainstorm C G F G you're a cut that refuses to heal C G F G x2 C G F G you're dull ache, that i can't shake you're a cold that's clogging up my head or a broke watch, keeping time still til you pull me in, pull me in, and i can't fight, yeah (chorus) C G if the night is cold F G and you're feeling old C G F G and the morning cuts you like a knife C G and you're wearing thin F G feel you're giving in C G F G in the darkest hour of the night, you find daylight you're a stalled car in the desert you're a song I can't get off my mind in a dire strait with no help at all in sight you come rushing in, rushing in with a lifeline, yeah (chorus) (bridge) Am C pull me closer to your breast Am G F G i need you finally i confess... i'm drifting, i'm drifting Am C i love you but i hate you too Am G F G god only knows what i could do...i'm drifting, i'm drifting C G come on, give me one reason F G come on, find me in daylight (chorus) i'm not 100% sure about the bridge, but the rest of the song is just how kevin griffin played it at the virgin megastore show. i'll update the tab if i find out definatively how to play the bridge or if i can find out what jim payne plays in the background. until then, have fun playing the chorus over and over again :)
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