Better Than Ezra - Juicy tab

"Juicy" by Better than Ezra
This is off of the Before the Robots CD
Enjoy! tab by rw

Standard TuningIntro/verse:e--------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------|D-----3-4-5-5--------------------------------| play until "ah ah ah" partA-5-5---------5-4-3-3---------3-4------------|E---------------------5-4-3-3----------------|
"ah ah ah ah" part:e-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------|D---3-4-5-----------------------------------------|A-5----------3-3-3--------------------------------| go to bridgeE------------------5-4-3--------------------------|Bridge: strum F C G Bb C then play intro/verse againBass interlude then play "intro/verse" riffthen strum bridge chords to outro which is sameas intro
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