Bic Runga – Counting The Days tab

              A          Amaj7
Counting the days on the calendar
                 A7    D                Dm
Strange how they bleed into each other  All that I need 
     A        E             A          Amaj7
Is a day with you Pencil me in on your Saturday
          A7    D                   Dm
Taking my leave Should I be waylaid please wait for me

     A        Amaj7         A7     Dm
On a day with you Maybe for now an hour will do

  F#m            F#mdim
Remember my dear this time last year
    E4                        B
The sunsets were late and the days were long 
                    Bm                F#m
And the nights were filled with song
                Bm               E
The nights were filled with song

F#m                         F#mdim              
Strolling the street we're strangely complete
E4                        B
Let's stay awake till the morning comes
              Bm      F#m
We don't need anyone
              Bm     E
We don't need anyone

           A           Amaj7                    A7     
Wasting my life at the traffic lights Getting nowhere
D                         Dm
Trapped in the turnstiles Stay within reach

     A        Amaj7         A7     Dm              A
Of a day with you Maybe for now an hour will do

A     : 002220
Amaj7 : 002120
A7    : 002020
D     : 000232
Dm    : 000231
E     : 022100
F#m   : 244222
F#mdim: 243222
E4    : 022200
B     : 224442
Bm    : 224432
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