Big And Rich – Holy Water tab

hello again this is my version of holy water by the gossip,
i dont know if this done on guitar or bass but ive played it through on bass and guitar 
it really doesnt matter but just play it on what you want bass or guitar
anyway here it is.

riff 1g:---------------------------------|d:---------------------------------|a:12121212121212-10-12-12-10-10----|E:---------------------------------|
riff 2g:---------------------------------|d:---------------------------------|a:151515151515-1717-12121212121212-|E:---------------------------------|
riff 3g:----------------------------------|d:----------------------------------|a:131313131313-12-10-17171717171717-|E:----------------------------------|
riff 4g:------------------------------|d:------------------------------|a:131515151515-13-15-1010101010-|E:------------------------------|
thats all the riffs you need heres the order riff 1 x3 riff 2 x1 riff 1 x3 riff 2 x1 (play all thats twice then end on 12 on the a string) riff 3 x2 riff 4 x1 riff 1 x3 i think thats the order if not work it out yourself its not a very hard standard tuning (g,d,a,E) good bye if you want anyother gossip songs working out the just email me at: love you xxxxxxxxxx
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