Big D And The Kids Table – Halfway Home tab

               Halfway Home - Big D And The Kids Table
                         Noise Complaint - EP

Tabbed by: Panji Brotoisworo
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| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| b  Bend the string
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| x  Mute note

I'll just be writing out the chords that they use in the song, the 
timing in this song isn't complicated and should be easy 
to figure out when they do chord changes.

You generally only want to strum the treble (e,G,B) strings for 
the upstroke in ska, not the entire barre, but I'll tab out barres 
for the sake of alternatives.

The chord names will be written under the tab. If you know alternative

I'll only be supplying the chords, writing out the strumming pattern 
is a bit complicated to write out exactly, you can just do your own thing.

Tuning: Standard E

First off, there's the intro riff which starts after the spacey keyboard stuff.

Intro - Lyrics begin, "Halfway home.." (0:15)

D Major, F# Minor, B Minor, E Minor, G Major ======= Verse - "So how come when you.." (0:33) ======= You play the chords twice as long compared to the intro
D major, C major, G Major
============Pre-Chorus - "And I don't see.." (0:57)============e|--0--3--2--0------|B|--2--3--3--2------|G|--2--4--2--2------|D|--2--5--0--2------|A|--0--5-----0------|E|-----3------------|
A Major, G Major, D Major, A Major, ====== Chorus - Harmonica enters (1:07) ====== Chorus has the same chord progression as the intro Then it goes into the verse Then it goes into the chorus Then into... ================ The Trumpet Solo - (2:22) ================ On the second repeat of this section, you repeat G, D, and A major again.
A Major, B Minor, G Major, D Major, A Major Then it goes into the Verse Then it goes into the final chorus where there's a trumpet solo
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