Big Daddy Weave – Love Come To Life chords

INTRO: C (listen to the song to find out how long to hold it out)

CI've been restless on the inside
Wondering about this heart of mine
FI've been desperately trying to find
A way to prove that I'm still alive
Am G CHas the love I speak so loudly of quietly grown cold
Has my life been an empty voice?
FWhat I say needs to be seen
I need to step out and make the choice To let go of everything
Am GWould You reignite this heart spark here in the dark?
Am F C GBring Your love to life inside of me
Am F C GWhy don't You break my heart 'til it moves my hands and feet
Am F CFor the hopeless and the broken
GFor the ones that don't know that You love them
Am F CBring Your love to life inside of me
CA generation You're calling out
Living everything that we sing about
FA revelation right here and now
Of love beyond a shadow of a doubt
Am GLove that's greater than our own
Won't remain unknown, when You... Chorus
CLove come to life
CLove come to life
(F) (G) ( ) <---- optionalBring love to life inside of me
(X4) chorus
CLove come to life
CLove come to life
(F) (G)Bring love to life inside of me
(X4) And that's it. I love this song and saw it didn't have a tab yet and was like :O so if you find any mistakes let me know and I'll be more than happy to correct it, but I'm pretty sure this is mostly right :)
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