Big Star - Kangaroo tab

Artist-Big Star
Album-Third/Sister lovers
Writer-Alex Chilton
Tabbed by S. MCnally

Capo 2, chords relative to capo

Main Riff (with variations throughout the song)

Verse C Fmaj7 I first saw you C Fmaj7 You had on blue jeans C Fmaj7 Your eyes couldn't hide C Fmaj7 any--thing Fm C Fmaj7 I saw you breathing, oh C Fmaj7 I saw you staring out in space Break C-Fmaj7 Verse C Fmaj7 I next saw you C Fmaj7 You was at the party C Fmaj7 Thought you was a queen C Fmaj7 Oh so flirty Fm C Fmaj7 I came against C Fmaj7 Didn't say excuse C Fmaj7 Knew what I was doing C Fmaj7 We looked very fine C Fmaj7 'Cause we were leaving Break Fm C-Fmaj7 (4x) Verse C Fmaj7 Like Saint Joan C Fmaj7 Doing a cool jerk C Fmaj7 Oh, I want you C Fmaj7 Fm Like a kanga roooooooo End C-Fmaj7
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