Big Star – Try Again chords

"Try Again" (Chilton/Bell)
Performed by Big Star
From the album #1 Record (1972)

Guitar tuned in Open G: D-G-D-G-B-D (low to high)

Chords used:

G G' Gsus G" C/G C/G' D C Eb Emd--0----0----0-----0----0----0-----7----5----8----0------|B--0----12---10----8----1----13----7----5----8----0------|G--0----0----0-----0----0----0-----7----5----8----0------|D--0----12---10----9----2----14----7----5----8----2------|G--0----0----0-----0----0----0-----7----5----8----0------|D--x----x----x-----x----x----x-----0----x----x----2------|
Intro G' - Gsus - C/G' - G' (x2) Verse 1
G' Gsus G" DLord I've been trying to be what I should
G' Gsus G" DLord I've been trying to do what I could
C EbBut each time it gets a little harder
G Em C/G I feel the pain
C G'But I'll try again
Instrumental & Verse 2: same chords as Verse 1
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