Bikini Kill – Candy tab

Bikini Kill, "Candy"
Album: Throw, the Yo-Yo Studio Compilation
A great song by one of the greatest female bands of all time, Bikini
Kill. I don't have the little fills but I have the verses and the
chorus, which are incredibly simple.

Standard tuning.     /: slide

Intro/Verse:e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---444-4/7--777--6---|A---444-4/7--777--6---| (lightly strum the last chord ifE---222-2/5--555--4---| you wish, about 7 times until you repeat)
Play that riff 12 times
Chorus:e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---7777777--6--------|A---7777777--6--------|E---5555555--4--------|(don't try to fight me...)
Play the chorus 4 times. For the little "fill/solo" parts, you can just play the verse riff 4 times, then go into the second verse, played the exact same as the first verse, then the chorus, then play the verse until the song ends.
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