Billy Bragg – Tank Park Salute tab

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From: rousseaf@saguenay.IRO.UMontreal.CA (Francois Rousseau)

Tank Park Salute  From the hit album "Don't Try This At Home"

I watched his hands when he played on Carson, so this is pretty close
to how he plays the song (live at least).  It consists of 2 (two) parts,
which I will henceforth refer to as Part I and Part II.

Part I
This repeats over and over:

Part II This just repeats a couple of times:
You may notice (it would be clever to notice) that if you just hold your hand like you are playing an open C this entire song consists basically of a few slides, a few finger lifts, and some finger picking. Part I is primarily based on the C shape and the open G shape. Part 2 is the C shape. Enough, now that you have that memorized ... the song: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- intro: Part I Part I Kiss me goodnight and say my prayers Leave the light on at the top of the staris Tell me the names of the stars up in the sky A tree taps on the window pane That feeling smothers me again Daddy is it true that we all have to die Part II At the top of the stairs Is darkness Part I I closed my eyes and when I looked Your name was in the memorial book And what had become of all the things we planned I accepted the commiserations Of all your ffiends and your relations But there's some things I still don't understand Part II You were so tall How could you fall? Part I Some photographs of a summer's day A little boy's lifetime away Is all I'ce lefdt of everything we've done Like a pale moon in a sunny sky Death gazes down as I pass by To remind me that I'm but my father's son Part II I offer up to you This tribute I offer up to you This tank park salute Now try playing and singing at the same time. &y
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