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Date: 13 Mar 1998 15:35:52 Z
From: "Boulton, Nic" 
Subject: CRD:/b/bragg_billy/moving_the_goalposts.crd

>From Don't Try This at Home. Put a capo at the 7th fret to be in key with
the CD.


C C/B Am D C C/B Am Ge-------------------------2-----------------------------------|B-----------------------3---3---3)----------------------------|G----0----0----------(2-------2-------0----0------------------|D---2----0----0---0------------------2----0----0--------------|A--3----2----0----------------------3----2----0--(2)----------|E-------------------------------------------------3-----------|
C D I put on my raincoat to make it rain Em D and sure enough the skies opened up again C D I dreamed of you as I walked to the shops, Bm Em you were dancing with the wallies on Top of the Pops C C/B D once in a while C C/B D Gennady Gerasimov drops his smile C D and you can see that his aim's Bm Em a portfolio pregnant with gains C C/B D he's been up all night C C/B Am G moving the goalposts Bm like a jackdaw with a fiery brand, Em spread the news all over this land Am robin hood and his merry men D are never never never coming back again [xylophone solo] :
G G C De------|-3-------7---3-|---------3---5-|-3--------7--3-|-2-----------|B------|(3)-----(7)-(3)|--------(3)-(3)|(5)------(5)(5)|(3)----------|G------|---------------|---------------|---------------|-------------|D------|---------------|---------------|---------------|-0-----------|A------|---------------|---------------|-3-------------|-------------|E------|-3-------------|---------------|---------------|-------------|
G G C De------|-3-------7---3-|---------3---5-|-7--------5--3-|-2-----------|B------|(3)-----(7)-(3)|--------(3)-(3)|(5)------(5)(5)|(3)----------|G------|---------------|---------------|---------------|-------------|D------|---------------|---------------|-5-------------|-0-----------|A------|---------------|---------------|-3-------------|-------------|E------|-3-------------|---------------|---------------|-------------|
[flugelhorn solo]:
Bm Bm Em Eme--2-0-|-------/5---3--|---------------|---------------|-------------|B-----3|0-1-3----------|3--------0h1-3-|3--(3/)5-------|-------------|G------|---------------|---------------|---------0-----|-------------|D------|---------------|---------------|---------------|-------------|
C D C C/B Am De------|--------------0|---------------|---------------|-------------|B------|----------3----|-----------0(1)|5----3----1----|3------------|G-----0|2-----2222-----|-2-------2-----|---------------|-------------|D-2-4--|---------------|---------------|---------------|-------------|
C D I don't believe that love should be pain Em D so would you please rub my back again C D I think it's safe to leave them in the park Bm Em let's blow out the candles and kiss in the dark C C/B D heavens above C C/B D could this sticky stuff really be love C D Bm Em don't get dressed yet not yet C C/B D we've been up all night C C/B Am G .|| moving the goalposts .|| x 2 For the picking in the verses, use slow arpeggios, emphasising the bass notes. In the verses, pick all the "C C/B..." runs like the ones in the intro. EADGBe x32010 - C x20010 - C/B x02210 - Am xx0232 - D 320033 - G x24432 - Bm 022000 - Em h is a hammer on / is a slide up Nic
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