Billy Bragg – Handyman Blues chords

These are the slightly weird chords;

Cmaj9 Am7 Fmaj9 D7
C Cmaj9 Am Am7 F Fmaj9 CI'm never gonna be the handyman around the house my father was
C Cmaj9 Am Am7 F Fmaj9 D7So don't be asking me to hang a curtain rail for you, because
Am Am7 D7Screwdriver business just gets me confused
Am Am7 D7It takes me half an hour to change a fuse
Am Am7 D7And when I flicked the switch the lights all blew
F Fmaj9 CI'm not your handyman
C Cmaj9 Am Am7 F Fmaj9 CDon't be expecting me to put up shelves or build a garden shed
C Cmaj9 Am Am7 F Fmaj9 D7But I can write a song that tells the world how much I love you instead
Am Am7 D7 Am Am7 D7I'm not any good at pottery so let's lose the 't' and just shift back the 'e'
Am Am7 D7 F Fmaj9 D7And I'll find a way to make my poetry build a roof over our heads
Am Am7 D7I know it looks like I'm just reading the paper
Am Am7 D7But these ideas I'll turn to gold dust later
Am Am7 D7Cause I'm a writer not a decorator…
F Fmaj9 CI'm not your handyman
This is just my approximation of the way he plays this live. Seems OK to me but please let me know if you can find any issues with it!
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