Billy Currington – Dont chords

1. Don't ya hate hearin' that clock on the wall- chimin'.  
Gmaj7 D Sayin' it's time and, don't you just wish we could stay right
A Bm Gmaj7 here together all day long. You know it wouldn't be a crime,
D A if we crawl back into bed, got as close as we could get,
Bm Gmaj7 tried to figure out where this thing is goin'. (Riff)
Bm D Baby Baby dont- dont just say you're leavin,
Gmaj7 D Why don't you stay a little bit longer.
Bm D Got it goin on- and I just can't believe it, this
Gmaj7 D feeling it just keeps getting stronger.
D A Bm 2. If you gotta go you gotta know I might go- crazy,
Gmaj7 D here without you baby. Relivin' every kiss, you ain't
A Bm Gmaj7 leavin' me like this, it just ain't right. Waitin till tonite,
D A to light another flame you know it wouldn't be the same as the
Bm Gmaj7 fire we got burnin' this mornin. (Riff)
Chorus Repeat
A Gmaj7 D A D Love--no one else can love me like you do-oo-oo.
A-Bm A G D] You know-ow I ain't even closer to----lovin you. (Riff)
Instrumental Bm D A Gmaj7 D A Chorus Repeat
Gmaj7 D A .....Don't--oo--oo--ont. Baby Baby
Gmaj7 D A Don't--oo--oo--ont. No baby don't.
Gmaj7 D A (Baby baby oo baby baby don't)
Gmaj7 D A (Baby baby oo baby baby dont)
Anything at all------ Fade out
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