Billy Currington – Time With You chords

Time With You

Intro: Bm A G (2x)

Bm A GDaily grind is stealin’ me away again
Bm A GWhen I just wanna lay back down
Bm A G D/F#Another night gone and don’t know where it went
Em D/F# Asus AWhat I need more than anything right now is
Bm ATime with you
G AMore time with you
Bm A G ATo laugh and talk and play and make more love to you
Em D/F# Asus AOh, there’s nothing in this world I’d rather do
Bm A GThan spend time with you
Bm A GSeven days, you and me in paradise
Bm A GThe world revolving around us
Bm A G D/F#We’d still be there, and forever if the choice was mine
Em D/F# Asus ACuz seven days, that’s not enough
Bm A GTime with you
Em D/F# G D/F#I’m gone for now to do the things I have to do
Em D/F# Asus ABut baby you know I live, for
Bm A GMore time with you
Bm A G Bm
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