Billy Fury – Lazy Life chords

Lazy Life as performed by Billy Fury under the pseudonym Quentin E Klopjaeger

CAPO: 1st or 2nd Fret

C Dm GLittle children playing in the park
F G CCatching butterflies before it gets too dark
C Dm GPicking chestnuts in a shady wood
F G CWith the one you love, it makes you feel so good
AmListen I know
EmThe pace is kinda slow
F G C - AmBut it's the kinda lazy life I love
F G C It's the kinda lazy life I love
Sitting fishing from a wooden bridge Watching ducks as they try to catch the fish Peace at last, I think I found my place Oh I love this life and I'm a happy face REFRAIN: BRIDGE:
Em BmNo, no you wont believe it's true
Em Bm - F - GSo go and find out for yourself, yes do
REPEAT VERSE 1 REFRAIN: (So, lazy, Oh so lazy)
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