Billy J Kramer And The Dakotas – Little Children tab

Artist: Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas
Song: "Little Children" Single (1964)

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Standard Tuning,
Capo on 3rd fret.

"...The song is sung from the point of view of man cajoling and bribing the young 
of his girlfriend not not to 'tell on' him about their relationship."

TEMPO: Andante moderato

D    ========== XX0232
C    ========== 332010
A    ========== X02220
F    ========== 133211
G    ========== 320003
E    ========== 022100
A7   ========== X02020

|D   |C   |A   | (x 2)

Verse 1:
D                                       C   A
Little children, you better not tell on me, I'm tellin'	you,
D                                             C    D
little children, you better not tell what you see.
D                   G
And if you're good, I'll give you candy and a quarter,
A	         F	         E                          A
if you're quiet, like you oughta be, and keep a secret with me.

Verse 2:
A7                   D
I wish they would go away.
D                                           C        A
Little children, now why aren't you playin' outside, I'm askin' you,
D                                              C     D
you can't fool me, cause I'm gonna know if you hide, and try to peek.
G                               A
I'm gonna treat you to a movie, stop your gigglin',
F              E     A                      D
children do be nice, like little sugars and spice.

F                       G       F                      G
You saw me kissin' your sister, you saw me holdin' her hand,
G                         A       G                 A
but if you snitch to your mother, your father won't understand.

Verse 3:
A7                       D
I wish they would take a nap.
D                                          C    A
Little children, now why don't you go, bye-bye, go anywhere at all.
D                                        C      D
Little children, I know you could if you tried, go up the stairs!
Me and your sister, we're goin' steady,
A                   F              E   A
how can I kiss her, when I'm ready to?
A7                        D   G      A
With little children like you around.
                    D  G          A                   D   C  A7 D
I wonder what can I do around, little children like you?

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