Billy Squier – Nobody Knows tab

Here is ballad off the Don’t Say No album – Billy says this song was written about John
Lennon… GREAT chord changes - shows what a great writer Billy is.... FWIW, I used to
bump into him all the time at the China Club in NYC and he was always cool to me!
Hope you enjoy this.

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Nobody Knows...

      D                  Dmaj7
I may get around...I may laugh alot...
          D7                               B7
Now you'd think that I'd be happy with the life I got
       Em             C
Nobody knows...nobody sees
        D           Bm             Em        A7
Ain't nobody really knows the inner side o'me...

      D                    Dmaj7   
I may seem secure...I could have it made...
          D7                            B7
You might think you see a lucky man who made the grade
       Em                  C
Nobody knows what dreams I see
      D             Bm                 Em             A7       
Ain't nobody really sure just who they wanna be...

D7                  G
But everybody has a place and time...
Bb                 D
A chance to live...a need to find
D7                           G
We all got somethin' that we care about
Bb            Asus4   A
I propose you find it out...

         D                Dmaj7
It's not in a book...or a magazine...
       D7                                  B7
Or the stars who guide our fortunes on the silver screen
       Em                 C
Nobody's up to me
        D            Bm             Em    A7    
Ain't nobody who can say it like it ought to be...

SOLO OVER VERSE CHORDS [D –Dmaj7 –D7 –B7 – Em –C - D –Bm –Em –C]

D7                     G
I see my future at the rainbow's end
Bb            D
Happy hours...timeless friends
D7                      G
And if I ever chance to find my way
Bb             Asus4   A
Rest assured...I will stay...

        D                  Dmaj7
You may see your life as a compromise
        D7                               B7
You may live to find the promise dancin' in your eyes
       Em                    C
Nobody's meant to be...
        D            Bm            Em  A7 D
Let the magic of the moment say it all to me

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