Bing Crosby – Three Little Words chords

Three Little Words
Words & Music by Bert Kalmar & Harry Ruby
Recorded by Bing Crosby & The Rhythm Boys, 1930

A F#m D9 AThree lit - tle words;
Cdim A Cm7 Cdim E7 D9 E7Oh what I'd give for that won - der - ful phrase.
E7 Cdim E7 A F#m D9 ATo hear those three lit - tle words,
Cdim A Cm7 Cdim E7 D9 E7That's all I'd live for the rest of my days.
A F#m D9 A A9 A7And what I feel in my heart,
Em7/9 A7/6 A7They tell sin - cere - ly --
D B7 D Cdim Bm7-5 E7No oth - er words can tell it half so clear - ly.
A F#m D9 A Cdim A Cm7 CdimThree lit - tle words, eight lit - tle let - ters
D9 E7/6 E7 AWhich sim - ply mean, "I love you."
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