Birdeatsbaby – Rosary chords


Cadd | 032033

GPages and pages and pages of poetry
Cadd I am not doing so well
GTeach me the Bible, the scriptures, disciples
Cadd and baby teach me how to spell
Em GMy mother and father they got for a daughter
Cadd I wish that I could have been more
Em GThey were so proud when I learned how to walk
Cadd but since then I just lay on the floor
Am Em Am Em (D)Then I lay
GRosary's safe and my pillow is hair
Cadd I'm coming to town, I'll call you when I get there
GNightmare explosions, and gentle corrosions
Cadd I never back down from a dare
Em GBut you wasted the gift that I tried hard to give
Cadd and you think that it's all so unfair
Em Gbut after you spit and you stab and you seethe
Cadd do you really expect me to care?
Am Em Am Em (D)Then I lay
GOver and under, backwards and blundering
Cadd Let me get out of your hair
GMaking me hate, I hope that you're wondering
Cadd How will I ever repair?
Em GBut you'll be so sorry when they find my body
Cadd Riddled with all your complaint
Em GAnd all of your smoke and your mind is a joke
Cadd Did it hurt you so much that you lay?
Am Em Am Em (D)Then I lay
G D Em CI lie down here, x2
G D Em CI lie with the flies
Am Cand the lilies you despise.
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