Bison – Switzerland chords

Switzerland - Bison

EWe tried to sleep up in the banks of snow
But soon discovered it was far too cold So we then retreated into town To find a place where there was level ground
ECall home
C#mOh oh Switzerland
E BYou’ve taken way my breath now once again
C#m E BYou’ve left me with a sense of compassion
C#mFor the ones who
BCant pick them selves up off the ground
C#mOh Switzerland
E BI never thought id have you as a friend
C#m E BI'm praying it was not at all pretend
C#mI need you now
BTo help pick me up from off the ground
EOur drinks were hardly worth the price we paid
But we thanked God for them anyways and With five minutes left we broke our backs To spend more money than either of us had
ECall home [It's such a gorgeous song. Enjoy!]
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