Bittersweet – Capital E tab

Song:Capital E
Tabs by:sweet day

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intro:bass and Leade|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|A|------5-7-----5-7-----5-7-----5-7----|E|--5-8-----5-8-----5-8-----5-8--------| x2
rhythm:Am verse 1: Am when i'm crying Am you laughing Am F you think that it's has all been decided G but it is all coming back to you G who'll never realize Am you think it's alright play intro verse 2: Am you say i cant swim Am but you're drowning Am F you think that it's has all been decided G but you still hiding in your shoe G never try to walk Am you think is alright play intro chorus F cause the days are coming early G the sun is shining clearly Am we need a ride Am to travel fast Am just don't deny Am break the ice F and the world's becoming lonely G when pride just can't be a print Am i can't decided play intro repeat verse 2 chorus play intro chorus
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