Bjork – Oceania chords


C H7 Em Em7 Em6E|--0----2----0----0----0----|B|--1----0----0----3----2----|G|--0----2----0----0----0----|D|--2----1----2----2----2----|A|--3----2----2----2----2----|E|------------0----0----0----|
C H7 Em Em6One breath away from mother Oceania
C H7 EmYour nimble feet make prints in my sands
Em6 C H7 EmYou have done good for yourselves
C Since you left my wet embrace
H7 EmAnd crawled ashore
Em6 C H7 Em Every boy is a snake - is a lily
C H7 EmEvery pearl is a lynx - is a girl
C H7 EmSweet like harmony made into flesh
CYou dance by my side
H7 EmChildren sublime
C H7You show me continents
EmI see islands
C H7You count the centuries
EmI blink my eyes
C H7 EmHawks and sparrows race in my waters
C H7Stingrays are floating
Em Em6Across the sky
C H7 Em Em6Little ones, my sons and my daughters
CYour sweat is salty
H7 Em7I am why
Em6 CI am why
H7 Em7I am why
Em6 CYour sweat is salty
H7 Em7I am why
Em6 CI am why
H7 Em7 Em6I am why
Outro: C - H7 - Em7 - Em6
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