Black Crowes – Oh Josephine tab

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Tabbed by: Michael Chabot (amorican489)

Tuning: Open G (D-G-D-G-B-D)

This is my first published tab - but far from the first song I've ever tabbed out. "Oh
is easily the most epic song on Warpaint, and one of the best the Robinson brothers have
It's in Open G, just like other 95% of the Crowes' song library. One tip I have for you
to play with the song with a slide on your pinky finger (you will need it for the
- Rich does, so should you. Another tip is to follow my tab, but also listen to the song
just get a feel for it. If you play in Open G often (like me), you should know the
licks and fills to throw in. Also, let every note ring for as long as you possibly can.

Rich & Luther play with a light phase on their guitars to get that "warping" effect.

~ means "let ring"

Intro/Verses - Listen to the song for timing and repeatse|--------------------5-5~-------------------------------------------------|B|-3-3p0-----------0~-6-5~------1------------------------------------------|G|-------2p0-0h2/4----5-5~-------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------7-5~-------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------5-5~--0-2---0~(let ring as you restart the pattern)--|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| *Just before the chorus comes, groove on the 5th fret barre chord (C)
Chorus - Play with slide, vibrato the chords with the slide lightly. These are just theplayed during the chorus, for timing, refer to the record. e|-0--------\5---------0--|B|-0--5/7---\5----/7\5p0-------------------------------------------------------------|G|-0--5/7---\5----/7\5p0-------------------------------------------------------------|D|-0--5/7---\5----/7\5p0-------------------------------------------------------------|A|-0--5/7---\5----/7\5p0-------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| **Hit the open chord first (G) and then immediately slide from the 5th fret (C) to thefret (D). By the time Chris hits the last syllable of "Oh Josephine..." you are slidingthe 7th fret to the 5th fret. Repeat this, except pull-off from the 5th fret to open fordressed in black"
Bridge/Interlude*You slide from an open G to the 10th fret coming out of the choruse|/10-------------------------------------/5-------------------------------------|B|/10-------------------------------------/5-------------------------------------|G|/10-------------------------------------/5-------------------------------------|D|/10-------------------------------------/5-------------------------------------|A|/10-------------------------------------/5-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| "For a while I was dealing in tears and powder...."
Outro Riffe|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---0---0---0-----0---0---0---------------------------------------------------|D|---------------2---4---5---5~------------------------------------------------|A|-0---2---4---5---------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| *Jam this riff out until the end - you can keep this going for as long as you (andband) want really.
That's the entire song, this is all you need to know to play this song. I'm not going to out any of the solos, or lead licks Luther puts in. If you're playing this with two the solos are in the key of G. Once you are comfortable with playing the riffs I've showed you, throw in some soul and of your own. | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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