Black Crowes – Girl From A Pawnshop chords

Girl from a Pawnshop
Three Snakes and One Charm
The Black Crowes

For the record, I only figured out the main chords. You can play this along with 
the song and have it sound fine, and it's great for playing the song solo.

Verse 1:
CWith pawnshop eyes and a second hand frown
F C she sat silent at the table
Her boots were brown, should she leave town
F CTo play the role of lover ex-patriot
A nod to the waiter,always her flirty behavior,
F CYou know she always gets one on the house
She pulls out a letter from a bag under her sweater
F CAnd before she reads she straightens her blouse
G C G CThere's a passion in being alone A grace in a loveless time
G CThere's no new cross, there's no new sign
D Gonly the sun and the changing tide
Em DAnd out of respect, well I really must confess
CI never lost your number I never
Glost your address
EmAnd if we remain friends at best
DSometime later no, no not yet
C Gwe'll smile and remember it like this
Verse 2:
CShe put back the letter, one tear
falls like a feather
FAnd disappears
Con this bar room floor
The gratuity included, you know the letter concluded
F CP.S. All my love
Pre-Chorus Chorus Solo chords same as chorus, then G Gmaj Cadd9 D Ending:
G Gmaj Cadd9 DP.S. All my love
Play the ending as many times as feels right. It has a super nice sound and I like to play it quite a few times getting quieter and quieter on the last 3 or 4. Enjoy!
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