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Black Flag – T V Party tab

intro (on bass) is something like:

C F C F C TV party tonight! TV party tonight! F C F C TV party tonight! TV party tonight! C F C F G We're gonna have a TV party tonight (alright!) C F C F G We're gonna have a TV party alright (tonight!) perchorus: F C Bb G F G We've got nothing better to do F C Bb G F G Than to watch TV and have a couple of brews All our friends are gonna hang out here tonight (alright!) We'll pass out on the couch, alright (tonight!) PRECHORUS chorus: D Bb F C Don't talk about anything else, we don't wanna know D Bb F C We're dedicated to our favourite shows C Bb G C Bb G That's Incredible! Hillstreet Blues C Bb C Bb F G Dallas Winsave TV news shows us what it's like out there (it's a scare!) You can go out if you want (we wouldn't dare) PRECHORUS CHORUS Saturday Night Live! Monday Night Football Ginats Game Fridays I wouldn't without my TV for a day (or even a minute) I don't even bother to use my brain anymore (there's nothing left in it) PRECHORUS Hey, wait a minute, my TV set doesn't work! (it's broken) Hey, this isn't fair; what are we gonna do tonight? (we're hurting) with prechorus/chorus chords: We've got nothing left to do We're with no TV and just a couple of brews What are we gonna talk about? I don't know! We're gonna miss our favourite shows No! That's Incredible! No! Hillstreet Blues No! Dallas No! Winsave!! slower: C F C F C F G No T-V party tonight -Henry "Success as a result of industry is a peasant ideal." -Wallace Stevens.
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