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Black Francis – The Water chords

The Water

Words & Music by Black Francis
Tabbed by Derek Olson

vamp on this on the B chords:

this little lick sometimes follows the F#:
Bm F F#I hope they're doing OK
Bm F F#I left my wife and kids back in LA
Bm FI was no good at playing house
F# BmSo I started heading south
F# G F F#A busboy said "You best keep away
BmFrom the water"
F F#La Barra Zona Rosa was my home
Bm F F#Some guys they never heard the phrase "when in Rome"
Bm FWell she knifed that stupid sailor
F# BmNow he's gonna need a tailor
F# G F F#For his very special day away
BmFrom the water
(switch to B major)
B E F#I thought it would be very nice
B E F#To go downtown and see the bull fight
B D F#But the beast had not a chance
G F F#When I saw the lance
B E F#I heard the sound of a Volkswagen
B E F#They tied his body to the bumper and started dragging
B D F# G F F#I saw the blood separate away
BmFrom the water
I hope they're doing OK I left my wife and kids back in LA I was no good at killing So I started up gin milling And I still just keep away (to this day) From the water
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