Black Lab – Wash It Away tab

Wash it Away
Black Lab
Your Body Above Me

Tabbed by Joel Patterson (
10 Dec 99

This is my first attempt at tabbing a full Black Lab song
including riffs and solos and stuff. Even if you just play 
through this tab, then please email me and tell me what you
thought of it, as I would like to know If I am getting 
anywhere with my guitar learning.  Thank you.

Standard Tuning: EADGBE


A G D D2 --0-- --3-- --2-- --2-- --2-- --3-- --3-- --3-- --2-- --0-- --2-- --2-- --2-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --2-- ----- --0-- --0-- --3-- ----- --2--
Throughout the first verse, the guitar is played muted, and only with a few notes of the actual chord, most likely the G and the B strings. Play around. It all sounds good. The chord pattern for the verse is very simple, and only consists of 3 chords. The progression is A-G-D. Listen to the CD for the changes and timing. During the second part of each verse it sounds better if you substitute the D2 in place of the D. For the chorus, go back to the straight verse chords. Feel free to use the D2, depending on your taste. During the bridge, play the chord progression A-D-G The strumming patterns and muted notes are too hard for me to tab, so please listen to the CD for ideas. ______________________________________________________________ Intro Riff:
Verse 1. Chord progression: A-G-D Wash it in the sea, let is soak all night Wash it in the sea, let the salt water wash it away Soak it in bleach, 'til it's white on white Soak it in bleach, 'til the blood just washes away Riff1:
Verse 2. Chord progression: A-G-D Hang it in the wind, let it blow all night Hang it up high, let the high wind blow it away Hang it in the wind, let the sun burn bright Hang it in the wind, 'til the blood just washes away I have waited wasted years For the child that's come and gone today I have wasted all this fear How can I just turn and wash it away Chorus: Chord progression: A-G-D If I can then I will (I will) wash it away If she can then she will wash it away If I can then I will (and I will) wash it away If she can then she will wash it away Fill:
AE--0----------------------|---------------------------|B--2----------------------|---3--2h3p2h3p2h3p2vvvvvv--|G--2----------------------|---------------------------|D--2----------------------|---------------------------|A--0----------------------|---------------------------|E--0----------------------|---------------------------| Palm Mute + strum
Verse 2: Chord Progression: A-G-D Forty years spent one by one Forty years of life just slipping away What I'd give for a firstborn son Forty years of blood just washing away I have waited wasted lives I have waited long enough I'd say Say what about this wasted child How can I just turn and wash it away Chorus: If I can then I will (I will) wash it away If she can then she will wash it away If I can then I will (and I will) wash it away If she can then she will wash it away Bridge: Chord progression: A-D-G So send me an angel Send me the ghost that I was Send me an angel Send me the ghost that I was Chorus (Note - the solo is played during this final chorus) * See below for solo ideas * And I was and I am I will wash it away She will wash it away I will wash it away If I can then I will then I will and I will Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah etc.... Solo: The solo is very open to individual taste and ability. I find it best to keep it within the following scale and just play around a bit. In keeping with the tune, play around the lower frets first, then move up as you progress This is what I reckon sounds pretty good. But I am only a beginner, so you can laugh if you want Play this riff through the first few bars of the chorus
E--------------------------------|B----0-2-2-2h3--3--3-3-2-2-------|G--2-----------------------2-----|D----------------------------2---| Repeat as desiredA--------------------------------|E--------------------------------|
Then plat something in the following scale
E------------------------------5-7-9-10---|B----------------------2-3-5-7------------|G----------------0-2-4--------------------| Just pick a few notesD----------0-2-4--------------------------| and play with themA-----0-2-4-------------------------------|E-0-3-------------------------------------|
Play something with these notes during the "yeah's"
E--10-9---9-10-9---9--|B------10-------10----|G---------------------| Repeat a few times D---------------------|A---------------------|E---------------------|
Then play something like this
Go nuts on the solo. End the song with
Hope you like it. Comments/questions/corrections to
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