Black Lips – Starting Over tab

"Starting Over" by Black Lips
Taken from the album 200 Million Thousand (2009)

INTRO: F / / / Bb / / /


VERSE F Bb I gotta keep running. (I'm starting over) F Bb I do for fun and (I'm starting over) F Bb I'm low and I love it (I'm starting over) F Bb Gotta keep gunnin' (I'm starting over) CHORUS Gm Well it's just a wasted year C I'm doing my time Gm If things don't go right I'll drink some more beer C Then I'll blow out my mind. Well I'm lucid (I'm starting over) Stop acting stupid (I'm starting over) Where the fuck is my cupid (I'm starting over) Gotta stop juicin' (I'm starting over) Well it's just a wasted year I'm doing my time If things don't go right I'll drink some more beer Then things will be fine. My wounds won't stop oozing (I'm starting over) Tired of boozing (I'm starting over) Gotta start choosin' (I'm starting over) Gotta quit losin' (I'm starting over)
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