So It Goes tab with lyrics by Black Lungs - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Black Lungs – So It Goes tab

Artist - Black Lungs
Song - So it Goes
Album - Send Flowers

Verse: C  G  F
Chorus: Am  F  C  G

C          G         F
No need to worry the kids.

C            G                    F
She kept her lips sealed till the test results came in.

C          G              F
A mother's burden, that's all.

C   G       F 
My dear you probably should have called.

C          G               F
Cut up and bruised, It's a long way home.

C      G            F
Snow storming and driving alone.

    C               G        F
You shouldn't have kept this to yourself.

            C          G             F
But there's no need to worry, you've got your health.

      Am     F     C   G   (end on G for 4 measures)    
So it goes.

C       G       F     
In some way, however small or secret,

       C      G        F   
we are all a little mad.

C        G                F                       C 
Well you gave us a scare, now you've got our attention.

    G                 F
But then again you've always had.

   C                G           F
So tonight when you lay down to bed.

          C           G              F     
Yeah this pain, it is fleeting, Just rest your heavy head.

    C            G        F
The sutures will be out soon.

           C            G       F
Oh yes the sutures will be out soon.

	Am     F     C   G   (G for 4 measures)    
So it goes.

End on F
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