Blackmores Night – The Circle chords


This is my first tab and obviously it's not perfect.


G I've been here for a million years
F Gtrough the joy, through the tears
Fbut when I'm gone this will go on
Gand the circle starts again.
GI've watched the mountains rise from dust
F GSaw the gold return to rust,
FI had cried when the oceans died,
Gand the circle starts again.
Refrain: F, Cm, F, Cm
GI was here when the world began to turn
F GKissed the sun as it started to burn,
FThe whispering at the reckoning
Gsaid: "The Circle starts again"
GThe moon was rising from above
F GI caught her eye and thought it was love,
Fbut she turned her back, the sky went black,
Gand the circle starts again..
Refrain: F, Cm, F, Cm
Dm I dance through castles made of stone
G DmWalked the desert sands alone
GIn the midnight hour, You feel the power
Dmand the circle starts again.
Dm Now question falls to you my friend:
G Dmno beginning has no end,
Gwill we ever learn? with the world still turn?
Dmwill the circle start again?
Refrain: C, D, C, D
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