Blake Aaron Guthrie – When I Fall chords

When I fall
Words & Music by Blake Aaron Guthrie (

Verse 1
C2 DIve been down this road
Longer than I planned I never thought Id last But look at where Ive been Miles mark my steps My shoes are wearing thin If Im to stay this course I need a strong gust of wind Chorus Am, C, G, D, x2
Em, C, G, D, x2Wont you Hold me now
Cause I need your arms to Come pick me up again Hold me Now Cause I need your love To come catch me when I fall Verse 2
C2 DI need to see your light
As darkness hides this land A vision more than mine More like youve always had And I admit Im lost Without your steps that are paved for me Cause I dont ever want to wander Streets that dont matter Cause youre the goal that I seek BRIDGE: F, C, Em7 Dm, C, G, D . Em solo . Am Chorus X4 HOLD D x2 End on Em
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