Blake Mills - Itll All Work Out chords

Blake Mills - It'll all work out

pick the C# chord and sometimes throw in the C#7

C# C#7e|-x--x-|B|-2--2-|G|-1--4-|D|-3--3-|A|-4--x-|E|-x--x-|
C#West Valley mum and Family
with seven hungry mouth to feet
D F#mthat's how she leraned to raise my sister and me
D F#mvoted nixon in the seventies
A Dit'll all work out
A Dit'll all work out
my mother was the youngest child no college education wasn't ever her style but she knew just how to make a quarterback smile it' would all work out it'll all work out my father loved us right stayed up at night trying to keep the checkbook tighter than a ducks ass going down on waterslide ohh i know he tried became a victim of the mortgage spikes collections calling every night since 1999 in ten more years you think the interest rates decline it' ll all work out it'll all work out it'll all work out the say go to college get you knowledge straighten up with inherit desperation and the way it sounded like you bet on it and now its seems … we're down thank you dad I love you and I'll make you proud I'm sorry I didn't take the road you laid down it' ll all work out it'll all work out it' ll all work out is that you're litter in the middle of the park i must have been out of town for quite a little while the stitches in youre arm must have healed by now fuck that plummer if youre heat is still out and don't be scared I know you can still throw down it' ll all work out it'll all work out it' ll all work out I don't feel a speck of hate really now I'm trying to get my story straight when you called me from your car when you were on your way with friend from san francisco that you told me was gay, guess he was a closet straight get it all out now
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