Home Sweet Home chords with lyrics by Blake Shelton - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Blake Shelton – Home Sweet Home chords

Home Sweet Home
Blake Shelton

Stnd Tuning

Intro: D  G  A  G

D GI look out ‘cross corn rows from a dirt road
ABaby’s kicked back in the front seat
GGot her bare feet hangin’ out the window
DWe take a trip down memory lane
GDust on the truck, no chance of rain
A GMy third generation farmin’ friends all pray. That it’s on the way
A GAnd if it don’t show up, we'll be alright
A ‘Cause folks ‘round here wouldn’t take a million bucks
Gfor a different life
G A DHome sweet home
GI thank my lucky stars at night
AI was raised down here and raised up right
G AAm I proud, you've got that right
A G DHome sweet home
GWhere a little bit goes long way
AWhere we shut her down on Sunday
GNo I won’t ever get too far away
A G Dfrom Home sweet home
Solo: D G A G
D Pulled down to the cane bridge
G Park in the ditch
A GFolks and poles are lined up, a little kid holds a stringer up
GGot a mess of fish
A GAnd I drive away with a smile on my face
AKnowin’ that this place was blessed
GBy God's amazing grace
[Repeat Chorus]
A GNo matter where I go or where the road might lead
A GThis little speck on the map, is always gonna be
[Repeat Chorus] D G
A G DYeah, I'm coming home.
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