Blasted Mechanism – I Believe tab

Band: Blated Mechanism
Song: I Believe
Album: Namaste (2002)

Valdjiu: Kalachakra
Zymon: Guitar

Intro Live: Valdjiu  

Verse: Vadjiu
I believe in the message e|---| B|---| G|---| D|---| A|-0-| E|---|
I believe in the power of pray e|----| B|----| G|----| D|-2--| A|----| E|----|
I believe in the future e|----| B|----| G|----| D|----| A|-0--| E|----|
I believe in the spiritual world e|-------| B|-------| G|-------| D|-5-4-2-| A|-------| E|-------|
Verse: Zymone|---19(PH)----|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Lick: Valdjiu
e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|---2---5-4h5p4p2--| *2A|-0---0------------|E|------------------|
Indian: Zymon
Ishi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachie|-------------------------------------------------------|B|----------8h10--10-10-10-10--8-8-8-8-------------------|G|--5h7--7------------------------------7-7-7-7--7h9p5---|D|-------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
Techniques h --> Hammer On p --> Pull Off PH --> Pinch Harmonic Song Structure Intro Verse x 2 Lick Verse x2 Indian x8 Verse x2 Indian x8 Djembe Solo (Without Guitar) Verse x2 Indian x16 Karkow Ends (Only Singing) This is my first transcription Please Rate and any question and correction this is my mail Video of the song Live: Official Video: Lyrics
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