Blind Blake – Hes In The Jailhouse Now chords

Chords by Chase Chafin

This song is way more complex and just strumming chords, but this at least gives you 
some thing to go by.
There's also a tabbed out version here:

Verse One:
CRemember last election,
CEverybody was in action,
C G7Tryin to find themselves a president
G7There was a man named Lawson,
G7From New York down to Boston,
D GRepresenting the colored people we had sent
Verse Two:
CMy brother was a voter,
Calso a great promoter,
C G7goin round givin advice
DThey'd go to the poll and vote
D G7Instead of voting once he voted twice
CHe's in the jailhouse now
F CHe's in the jailhouse now
F D7We got him down town in jail
C A7No one to go his bail
C G CHe's in the jailhouse now
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