Blind Willie Johnson – John The Revelator chords

John The Revelator

GTell me, who’s that writing? (John the revelator)
D7Tell me, who’s that writing, (John the revelator)
G CNow tell me, who’s that writing, (John the revelator)
D7 GHe wrote the book of the seven seals
GGod walked down the hill one day
D7Called Adam by his name
G CAdam wouldn’t answer
D7 GCause he was naked and ashamed
GYou know, Christ had twelve apostles (Spirit willing)
D7Three He led away (Oh but the flesh was weak)
G CHe said watch with Me while I walk
D7 GWhile I go yonder and pray
GFor Christ rose on Easter morning, (Hallelujah)
D7Mary and Martha came down to see (The resurrection)
G CHe said go and tell my disciples
D7 GTo meet Me in Galilee
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