Blink 182 – The Girl Next Door tab

Alright, it's time for another easy song by Blink 182.  This took about fifteen minutes to do and this is 
my first song that I figured out on my own, so bare with me.

G5, B5, E5, C5
G5, B5, E5, C5, and the last beat you slide to B5.

Play riff in 2nd position, it worked better for me.E ---------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------|A----2-3-2---------2-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5---------------|E-3-5-------5-3-5------------------------------------|
G5 B5 E5 White girl living in the city in a big apartment house C5 She's livin' with her boyfriend now G5 B5 She drives of every day for school and work E5 C5 she washes dishes now and watches TV on the pull out couch Chorus: G5 B5 E5 C5 But every day's the same (but every day's the same) x3 (and 4th time only say it only once don't say the ( part.) G5 B5 White girl moves back to the suburbs E5 Cause she's finally found a man who C5 knows how to take care of her G5 B5 They bought the perfect little house E5 And the lawns are manicured C5 And she's never missed a day of work Chorus (Palm mute this part) G5 B5 E5 White girl couldn't go off knowing she would be wastin' time C5 she drowned in the lake last night. (Don't palm mute anymore) G5 B5 E5 They found her floatin' body floatin' but she still walks around C5 performin' all her daily chores (Do the riff x4 during this part) She still don't know, what life's about She still don't know what life's about Chorus Last chords: C5, B5, A5, G5
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