Blink 182 – Pretty Little Girl chords


 Asus2   F#/Gbm      Dsus2      E

Asus2Nineteen here as you're glowing to my beating heart.
F#/GbmOh, it seems like it is fine as my hand is moving up your arm.
Dsus2And you never really know where it goes up until it starts.
F#/GbmI've got my eye on you, what you gonna do?
Asus2Daydream near a stream with a winter bite,
F#/GbmOh, listen to the song on repeat from the other night.
Dsus2And I can't picture you, but I sure got the feeling right.
F#/GbmOh what a crazy world, pretty little girl.
F#/GbmAnd we wake from the night in a bed with the brews.
EAnd we’re laughing out loud we’re the craziest news.
Asus2And you reach for my hand, I was scared in your room.
Dsus2We fell on the floor and we started to move.
F#/GbmAnd your hands were like birds as they flew from the coop,
EUp my back, they would climb just as I came unglued.
Asus2She said, If you break my heart, then I'll change your mind,
Dsus 2 EAnd I will do it again.
Asus2If you play the part, then I will play mine,
Dsus2 EAnd I will do it again.
F#/Gbm EIf we miss the mark, if we hold on tight,
Dsus2 Asus2We’ll be here to try it again
Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Asus2 (Strum as necessary) F#/Gbm, E, Dsus2, Asus2 Pre-Chorus Chorus
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